Know Your Rights in the Eviction System

Welcome to the Hamilton County, Ohio Eviction Help website

Are you a tenant facing eviction in Hamilton County, Ohio?

Or are you a landlord trying to file an eviction?

This website has guides on how to navigate the eviction system. It is a free, non-profit resource run by the Hamilton County Municipal Court Help Center.

The CDC Eviction Moratorium halts many evictions through July 31, 2021

The national Eviction Moratorium halts evictions for nonpayment of rent until July 31, 2021 if the tenant meets certain requirements and gives the landlord a signed declaration. 

How can you deal with an Eviction?

Landlords and tenants in the Cincinnati-area can use this website to understand how evictions work and what their rights are.

It can help with questions like:

- How can I work out a landlord-tenant problem?

- How do I defend myself against an eviction?

- How do I remove a tenant from my property?

- How do I collect money that a tenant owes me?

- How do I collect money that a landlord owes me?

This website tells you what your legal protections and processes are. It also connects you with legal aid and financial assistance.

Get legal help in navigating the eviction system

There are free legal and financial resources in Hamilton County and the Cincinnati area to help you deal with landlord-tenant problems, and to get stable housing.

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